Eastern Africa to track political commitments

The eastern Africa region states have committed to tracking progress on political commitments in the water and sanitation sector. This follows the successful conclusion of the 2nd Eastern Africa regional Sanitation conference which was held in Kampala, Uganda on 2nd – 4th March. During the opening, the Uganda’s Minister of Water and Environment, Hon. Maria Mutagamba noted that a large proportion of the African population still faces sanitation challenges only five years to the deadline of meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) targets.

Uganda state Minister for Health Hon. Richard NduhuraUganda state Minister for Health Hon. Richard NduhuraThe three day Conference was jointly organised by ANEW and its partners under the theme,Tracking Progress on the AfricaSan+5 Action Plan and other International Commitments,provided a forum for countries within the Eastern Africa region to share progress and experiences on the implementation of the eThekwini declaration, Sharm el Sheikh and the declaration and commitments made during the first East Africa Conference. It drew participants from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea and Sudan, and also state, non-state and donor agencies in the water and sanitation sector. Ms Lydia Zigomo, the Head of East Africa for WaterAid, said the conference had given the participants an opportunity to prepare for the AfricaSan conference that shall be held in 2011. She applauded the countries on that even amidst other political and social struggles they are still able to devote time and resources to improving sanitation in their regions. The meeting finally ended with a declaration which among others recognised the continuing, escalating and shared urgency of the sanitation and hygiene situation in the East African countries.

Click to read the 2nd Sanitation Conference Declaration


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